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Energy consultancy; Tailormade

Energy. Just what is that anyway? Is it personal drive, a product, or service? Perhaps a commodity or custom work? It is also indispensable, and can be exciting, and problematic? Maybe, it is all of that. To Noordervolt: It is a fascinating subject and has been so for over 30 years.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the way in which electricity gas and heat is produced and how it is delivered. Constant improvement is the challenge, and the eliminating of waste because energy is, as we know, expensive. Using as little as possible of, (or no fossil fuels), in order to preserve something for the coming generations after us. Keeping costs low, and maintaining a safe supply of robust & sustainable products and services through the utilization of lean delivery processes are the current themes of today’s market.

Noordervolt Consulting is here to support the business market. We focus on: market parties, SMES, large companies, housing associations, etc. But we can also help in setting up a local sustainable energy company.

What do we offer? Look at our services and references on this website.